Photo: © Robert Retzlaff

Early cars: fibreglass (glass-reinforced plastic/vetroresina) body over tubular frame.
Later cars: steel panel body over tubular frame.

Layout: 90-deg. V8-cyl. 4-stroke.
Bore/stroke: 81×71 mm.
Capacity: 2926.9 ccm.
Compression ratio: 8.8:1.
2 valves per cylinder.
4 overhead camshafts.
4 twin-choke Weber 40 DCNF carbs.
Installation: mid, transverse.
Lubrication: dry sump (US version: wet sump).
Max. rpm: 7700.
Max. power: 255 hp (Euro version), 240 hp (US version).
Max. torque: 284 nM (210 lb/ft) at 5000 rpm (Euro version).

Single dry plate clutch with cushioned centre plate.
5-speed all syncromesh gearbox and limited slip differential (40%).
Final drive ratio: 3.71:1 (17/63).
Gearbox ratios: 3.418, 2.353, 1.693, 1.244, 0.918, reverse 3.247:1.

Front and rear: independent, double wishbones, coils, telescopic Koni dampers, anti-roll-bar.
Rack and pinion steering.
Servo-assisted hydraulic brakes with ventilated discs on all wheels.
Cast-alloy wheels 6.5 J x14 with tubeless radial ply tires 205/70 VR14 (Michelin XWX).
Special sparewheel with reduced section (3.25 B x18 with 105 R 18xT tire).

Length: 4230 mm
Width: 1720 mm
Height: 1120 mm
Wheelbase: 2340 mm
Front/rear track: 1460 mm
Weight: 1090 kg (factory figure) – 1320 kg (weighed with fuel).

Factory figures for euro version (from brochure 120/76):
Max. speed: 252 km/h (156,6 mph) at 7250 rpm.
Acceleration 0-400 meters: 14.1 sec.
Acceleration 0-1000 meters: 25.4 sec (closing speed 220 km/h or 136,7 mph).

Photo: © Yanas Meccanica