Photo: © Yanas Meccanica

Fast on gravel and tarmac

Given that the 308 GTB was never officially intended by the Ferrari factory to become a race car, it did end up with a quite significant competition career. Not so much on race tracks, but the more impressively on rally stages. 

Apart from the famous Michelotto built Group 4 and Group B cars, a lot of privateers have modified 308s to use them in competition. The Ferrari Owners Club UK organized their own race series for many years, which provided the perfect playground for upgraded 308 GTB’s. 

A very special example is the 308 GTB/4, serial number 22711, as seen above. Built by the factory in order to explore the possibilities for a Group 4 entry, it never made the career it deserved. It is still in the hand of the Belgian gentleman, who purchased it directly from the factory. We can’t be thankful enough that he shows it regularly at historic race events. 

We can’t forget to mention the exceptional Carma FF twin turbo Group 5 racer and the 308 GT/M, the latter built in three examples. 

Photo: © Robert Retzlaff

Photo: © Robert Retzlaff