Photo: © Robert Retzlaff

Supporters and friends

There have been countless supporters of this registry project over the last 20 plus years. 

It all started when I was trying to research the history of my own 308 GTB. I found that there were people who kept registers for various classic Ferrari models, but not for the 308 GTB. Then I got into contact with  the late Denny Schue, who kept the Dino Register. He said, if there is no such register for the 308 GTB yet, why don’t you start one on your own? I was hesitating, but Denny kept encouraging me and a gave the project a boost by supplying lots of US 308 GTB serial number information from his own database. Later, at a huge Ferrari meeting, I met a group of Ferrari serial number collectors, mainly from The Netherlands, who published a magazine called Telaio. It was a simple black and white newsletter, consisting of chassis numbers, which they wrote down at events. Remember, this was when the world wide web was still in its infancy. Over the years, this group has developed into an international circle of enthusiasts and experts, sharing their knowledge. 

My thanks go to the 308 GTB owners, who generously have submitted the information about their own cars. 

Then there is this small group of reliable regular contributors, who help me by browsing the internet for unknown serial numbers, and report sightings from Ferrari meetings and similar events. It is difficult to pick out some names, but immediately the following spring to my mind: Carl, Ross, Norman, Bruno, Kai, Matthias, Andreas, Martin, Steven, Mike, Bill, Fabrizio, Flavien, Alan… Inevitably there are a lot of names missing in this short list. I am sure you know who you are. Thank you! I am also grateful to the photographers, who agreed to have their beautiful pictures published on the site.  

Last but not least I’d like to thank the talented web designer Federico Buontempo (, who refreshed the design of this site. 


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