Ferrari 308 GTB Register Form

If you would like to report a 308 GTB sighting anywhere around the world, or you own a 308 GTB yourself and would like to submit your data, please use this form. It seems not all browsers support this form. Especially AOL users may have problems - please send your data within a regular e-mail message to info[at] instead.

For sure not every blank must be filled. The only obligatory item is the chassis serial number.

serial number
body fiberglass steel
version (Euro, US...)
steering position LHD RHD
exterior colour
interior colour
engine number
assembly number*
license plate
owner (name, address)
remarks (e.g. history, previous owners, date of purchase, special equipment, location and date of sighting etc.)

* The assembly number (or build number) is stamped on the oil cooler support (dry sump cars) or on the bracket the ignition coils attach to (wet sump cars). This number can also be found on various parts of the car, e.g. handwritten on the seat foam underneath the seat or on the backside of the dashboard.