The Register for Ferrari 308 GTB carburetted models

The Ferrari 308 GTB was introduced at the Paris Salon in October 1975. It showed a similar mechanical layout to the Bertone-styled 308 GT4, but was equipped with only two seats. The beautifully styled coachwork by Pininfarina incorporated some visual aspects of the fantastic Dino 246 GT.

Early 308 GTB's had a lightweight fiberglass (vetroresina) body, in 1977 production changed to steel bodies. The powerful 3 litre V8-engine was equipped with four Weber carbs, which made the engine sound superior to all its fuel-injected successors.

The 308 GTB Register is not a club, just a private database for owners and enthusiasts. The goal is to compile as much information as possible, in order to to enable owners to trace the history of their cars, make it easier to contact fellow owners and enthusiasts, offer help in technical and historical questions.

There are no dues, and the compiled data will not be used for commercial purposes. Owners who want to register their 308 GTB, or car spotters who want to report a 308 GTB sighting, may submit the information by using the register form. Or simply send an e-mail. Requested are the following features: serial number, year of production, version (fibreglass/steel, Euro/US, LHD/RHD), colour (exterior/interor), engine number, license plate, last known owner, history of the car. For sure not every aspect must be included.

Thanks for your support. Reports on any 308 GTB sightings, every related information, questions and comments about this site are appreciated.


Please note that the 308 GTB Register is a non-commercial, private project and not affiliated or connected with Ferrari S.p.A. The copyrights of all material shown on this website belong to their respective owners and shall not be used for commercial purposes.

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